Mug #1 is my first online offering because it’s the mug that gets me through the every day.

Today is a Tuesday. Tuesday is even more “every day” than Monday.

Specs: Muddy maroon in color with white lettering. One handle big enough for 2-3 average fingers and deep enough for a medium-sized white girl’s fist.

Rating: 3/5 stars. The mug itself is fine–sturdy, perfect size for a cup of hot flavorful something–but it’s the organization printed on the mug that turns me off.

Summary: PoBev (the hip acronym for Poetry and a Beverage) is an open-mic night officially put on by Utah State University’s Associated Students program. Although “Poetry” is in the name of the program, today there is anything but. Instead, these bi-monthly open-mics have become a hipster’s paradise with little to no poetry, even less originality, and fifty students with guitars and glasses that cover 3/4 of their faces performing covers of popular songs. As an English major frustrated by false advertising, I haven’t been to one in over a year.

So why do I have the mug?

1. It was free.

2. When I went to PoBev for the first time three years ago,  I was still a senior in high school and the organization was as new to the university as I was. It was different back then, something more genuine and experimental, young and excited. I loved it enough to perform my poem about making metaphorical love to a tomato *cough* and the audience went crazy for me. In my mind, PoBev is the guard tower at my gateway to adulthood. It signifies the age I started taking my own reigns and growing up the way I wanted to. It reminds me how quickly things can change.


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