Let’s talk Hypocrisy.

One thing I didn’t expect to happen when I started my blog was to be threatened by people under the “BESTIES” category in my phone.

Shortly after publishing my blog post last week about sex education in Utah, I received a text from a very good friend of mine (for the purposes of this post, let’s call him John) demanding to know why I was writing the things I was. I didn’t feel at all threatened—I told John that these things were always inside of me, and that I still had a great love for the people although not for their religion.

He responded by calling me an idiot and threatened me with “Warning: If you keep attacking my faith, our friendship will be threatened.”


Let me give you some background on John.

We met last summer on a blind date set up by a mutual friend. Like me, John has grown up exclusively in Cache Valley and had been single since he was 19 years old (we met when I was 19 and he 23). When he asked me for the fourth date in a two-week period, I officially friend-zoned him. John’s the kind of guy who’s dying to be married by now, as per usual in this culture, and all theological debates aside, we weren’t each other’s type at all. I couldn’t count on both my hands how many times we’ve debated marrying early and quickly (John) vs. marrying after you are your own person (me). Don’t worry—these debates are sure to come up in a blog post later on.

As the summer went on, we became really good friends despite the one-sided lingering feelings. We became the kind of friends that had a specified hangout spot and day of the week with a gaggle of other awesome beings. I’ve always really liked John as a person—he’s the kind of brash and honest I aspire to be. He’s the kind of friend I invited over to my house and family party on Christmas Eve. He was always clearly Mormon, but he wasn’t perfect and it never came between us: On a good day he swore twice as much as I did.

So last week, after he threatened to threaten me (such meta wow), I was shocked to tears. I responded with perfect cordiality, saying “If our friendship is based on me acquiescing to your ideas, it will end. But you mean more to me than your religion. I hope I also mean more to you. You don’t have to read what I write.”

He responded by calling me hateful, biased, and ignorant, following the insults up with “My beliefs are more valuable tha[n] anything this earth has to offer.” (sorry, I had to fix his typo)


I never realized until then that John was precisely the problem in Cache Valley that I was writing about.

John perfectly demonstrates my points: Some Mormons  in my home are intolerant, spiteful, unwilling to accept anyone who thinks other than they do, is willing to sacrifice their whole beautiful life to a concept that can’t be proven and therefore doesn’t exist, and is insanely hypocritical about the “Christ-like love” they proclaim to sprinkle on all God’s children.

This is where my problems begin.



ADENDUM: John continued to passive-aggressively harass me on social media and even tattled to my mother.

What John doesn’t know is that it’s my mom who pointed out how Christ-like John was being (with heavily implied sarcasm).


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