With Love, Life

Specs: This mug is two white-girl hands high and slim with green lining on the inside and a handle you can slide your knuckles into. It makes a lovely bottle cap collector (and for the year and a half that I’ve had it, that’s all I have used it for). Inspirational words gloss the exterior: DANCE as though no one is watching / LOVE beyond words / SING as though no one can hear you.

Rating: I give this mug a warm 2/5 stars. While I imagine it would be perfect for a nice tall drink of hot chocolate, mugs of this size intimidate me. Unless we’re talking eggnog, I don’t think I could drink this much of anything in one sitting. Especially not hot chocolate.

Summary: Although cheesy, the words on this mug have a special place in my heart, and that has a lot to do with who gave it to me.

“It just reminded me SO much of you!” my mom beamed when I opened it on my nineteenth birthday. She knew I had a thing for mugs and an even bigger thing for being weird (myself).

You guys will hear me talk a lot about my mom, an that’s because she is the greatest example of unconditional love there could be. Without her, I wouldn’t be half as brave and willing to be me.


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