Let Me Fill Your Vonnegut

Specs: This manly mug is big enough for a manly dose of coffee. Featuring one of my favorite dead people of all time, this mug is heavily decorated with quotes like multi-colored medals. The inside is painted a strong red. The handle offers love for all four fingers.

Mug 6a

Rating: 5/5 stars. I’m completely biased by my love for the author, but even if you have to insert your own favorite author here, you gotta admit–this mug is damn awesome. You can’t give this face less than five stars.

Mug 6b

Summary: Although this mug is not mine, it belongs to the next closest person–my boyfriend. It was a gift from a roommate for his twenty-first birthday (and probably the best present he’s ever gotten). My boyfriend is also the one who introduced me to the works of Mr. Vonnegut four months ago and I went on quite the binge. Slaughterhouse-Five has a very secure spot in my top five favorite books in the world (spoiler:  the others are The Hobbit by Tolkien, Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck, A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens, and The Giving Tree by Silverstein).

Mug 6c

The biggest reason I love Vonnegut?

Because “Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt.”


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