USU Mug!

Specs: This handmade beauty is tall, sleek, and ribbed for texture. Instead of being a solid blue, the outside of the mug is painted with flecks of embedded white, reminding me of stoneware dishes strong enough to lug into the mountains on camping trips. The handle comes out wide, securely attached, and has a bonus feature I’ve yet to see on a mug—an indented thumb hole.

And last but not least, this mug is emblazoned on the front with the best university in the state of Utah (USU, of course).

Mug 7b

Rating: 4/5 stars. Besides the propaganda, the color of this mug really entrances me. And according to its owner, it’s a great size for a tall cup of morning tea.

Summary: This mug belongs to my lovely friend and roommate, Danielle. It was custom-made just for her by a family friend from her hometown near Salt Lake City. While visiting his shop/house she teased him about how he only made mugs for BYU (Brigham Young University) and UoU (University of Utah), the nearby colleges. She was surprised a little while later with this gift.

Mug 7c

My roommate is in her junior year of an undergraduate degree in physical therapy, and I hear on a fairly weekly basis of her impending anxiety over graduate school. Her sights are set high and all over the country, prospective schools spanning from California to Rhode Island. Even though she didn’t grow up in the shadow of the campus bell tower like I did, it’s still nice to know that where ever she goes for the rest of her education (and life), this will always have been her first college.

I feel that’s true of a lot of people. Utah State University is the hub that makes Logan as bigger-small-town as it is.


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