Let’s Talk Pornography “Addiction.”

If you think I’ve been passionate so far, you aren’t prepared for this post. The reason why the issue of pornography grates me so badly is because I think it’s the root to many other problems that I take offence to, most intimately masturbation and sex shaming.

But let me open with a disclaimer:

A person can become addicted to pornography. A person can become addicted to literally anything—one woman in the world is addicted to sleeping with her hair dryer (look it up, it’ll blow your mind). I am not denying the possibility for an addiction to pornography to exist.

HOWEVER, there is NO such thing as “Pornography Addiction” according to Psychology and their most advanced research thus far contained in the Diagnostics and Statistics Manual 5 (DSM5). It does NOT exist on the same scale as drugs, alcohol, or gambling. It exists on a much, MUCH lower scale than that.

“But the brain chemicals!” the Mormons cry.

The oxytocin released in your brain from watching pornography is the same amount a person gets from shaking another person’s hand. This argument is invalid.

“But I know DOCTORS who specialize in Pornography Addiction!” the Mormons scream.

That’s because the LDS church can capitalize on it. It’s one of the most basic levels of psychology: When something is explicitly taboo to think about, you are naturally going to think about it ten times as often.

Because the LDS church has tabooed pornography so exclusively, Utah is the #1 porn consumer in the United States.

(And looking at it in that light, maybe everyone does have an addiction to pornography because of the way the church condemns it. The church is clearly to blame.)

Do I believe that porn can be harmful to a marriage? Absolutely. Leaving your socks on the floor can be harmful to a marriage. (Fun fact, when viewed together, pornography can strengthen a relationship and is often suggested in couple’s therapy!)

Do I believe pornography can be harmful to a teenage boy? Maybe. It depends on how the parent handles the situation. The best thing to do is talk to your child about the differences between on-screen fucking and real-life intimacy, teaching them how to avoid bogus virus-sites, and making sure they don’t spend 24/7 locked up with a computer screen.

Do I believe pornography will damage a young man’s psyche and eternal possibilities?

Absolutely not. An adult telling him he will suffer eternal consequences and damning him is a thousand times more damaging.

Whatever happened to “All things in moderation”?


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