Salt Lake Lady

Specs: This dainty little guy is obviously a lady. The size is more fit for a teacup, so little that I panicked every morning that the automatic coffee maker would drown it. The blue bands give it a small-town restaurant look (the small-town restaurant feel comes through the thinness of the mug, guaranteed to burn your hand!). A spacious handle is offered and appreciated, because like I said, there’s no where else for your hands to go.

Rating: As a coffee mug, I give it 2/5 stars. It doesn’t offer me the insulation I need, nor the volume–I even like my tea in bigger mugs. However, it got the job done when I was away from home. And I totally dig the small-town restaurant style.

Summary: This mug served as my coffee vessel during my brief spring break travels to Salt Lake City. We stayed with a friend of my boyfriend, whom apologized repeatedly for the small mug, saying he HAD bigger ones, but was prone to leaving them at work or at friend’s houses. The kitchen was indeed so short on mugware that my boyfriend and I shared it each morning, him drinking a cup first, me drinking second, and then him having three more cups.

Coffee mugs aren’t the only things we share on our trips down to SLC: If we’re not in the same bed, we’re on conjoined couches holding hands. Showers are also a frequent rendezvous point, and depending on who we’re staying with, we have a bedroom and bathroom to ourselves. His parents (meaning his dad and stepmom) don’t think twice about it–they probably don’t give it a thought in the first place. Salt Lake is a place we go to thrive on open familial love.

It’s unbelievably nice to be so open with my love.


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