Specs: This mug, aside from being adorably adorned with a patriotic puppy, has a unique handle which offers fingers lots of wriggle room (or space for arthritis!). This sturdy buddy has a cup size big enough for one squished fist–the perfect size for a cup of milk before bed.

Rating: 3/5 stars. This mug is good and well, but not anything too special outside of sentimentality.

Summary: This puppy is at least a decade old. It was a gift to me from my step-grandma one of the many times she flew from her country (guess) to visit my family in the United States. Before my youngest sister was born and she had a blood-granddaughter, my step-grandma used to shower her step-granddaughters with gifts when she came for a six-month stay.

Out of all the dolls and shirts and candies, this mug is the only thing left that is very much in use.


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