Specs: This is your standard mug without the suspicious feel of cheapness. It is of good height, good depth, and of good handle size. The side opposite from the handle bares the words TEDxUSU, a reminder of its origins and the independently organized event that brought it to my sweet little school.

Rating: 4/5 stars. It would be 3/5 because, as a mug, it’s nothing extraordinarily special, but for some reason drinking from this mug this morning made my coffee taste perfectly sweet.

Summary: I pulled this puppy from my boyfriend’s communal cup cabinet that he shares with his roommates. I am not sure (although I can reasonably guess) who specifically owns this mug.

What I DO know, however, is the event during which this mug was given was a special occasion for the USU campus. Every year, the TED organization/foundation/whatever it technically is holds talks on my campus, bringing in speakers as well as putting on some of our own professors. I’m pretty sure that this year’s event sold out online in fourteen minutes. I have unfortunately not been able to attend (yet).

But I have yet to watch a TED Talk that I haven’t liked. I think they are effective, fun, and powerful, not to mention a good way to get messages across to the youth of today. For kicks and giggles, I will link my favorite one below:


Lead good lives, guys.


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