Hipster Mug

Specs: While this buddy may be hip, he probably shouldn’t be hot on account of being made of glass. Even though it is capable of holding hot drinks such as coffee or tea (featured above), you’re probably going to burn your hands.

Nonetheless, the handle is molded seamlessly into the side of this wanna-be jar, making it ten times cooler in the college student’s cupboard. It holds about a jar’s worth of drink and it is green (also available in blue and clear).

Rating: 2/5 stars as a mug. And those two stars are awarded purely on the basis of being cool.

Summary: Some things try really, really hard to be like the other things in the cupboard. They don’t realize that their differences make them awesome–but in their own way, for different purposes. Just because they’re not good at holding hot drinks doesn’t mean they’re worthless.


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