The Importance of “e.”

Specs: This mug appears tall with a handle designed for two to three fingers with their knuckles riddled with arthritis. An off-white creamy color base is decorated with black vines, white petals, red flowers, and inspirational messages.

Rating: 4/5 stars. As a mug I’ve never drank from, such a high number is surprising, but this little guy totally made my day.

Summary: Just in case your brain filled in the gaps for you, “breathe” is spelled with an “e.”

Get it now?

Disregarding the proof in front of you, I’m not one for taking pictures of items in stores that I don’t intend to buy. But a spelling error like this was just too good!

The more I think about it, the more I consider going back for this mug. It just goes to show that little things matter–what is meant to inspire a peaceful coffee experience has sharp eyes busting out in laughter. The absence of a little letter, a single “e,” can destroy the whole point.

But I think making someone smile can feel better than peace.

(Plus, laughing as much as you breathe will hurt real bad, real fast.)


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