A Mug Worth Graduating For.

Specs: This mug is tall and wide, with a big manly handle for all four of my fingers to wriggle around in. It is a plain, shining white porcelain all around. On the front is featured a picture of the sixteenth president of the United States, framed by an alleged quote of his, reading “Whatever You Are.. Be A Good One!!”

Rating: 5/5 stars. This mug has everything–an inspirational message, simplistic design, and it holds a LOT of coffee. I’m also biased.

Summary: I’m biased because I earned this mug. Two years ago I graduated Valedictorian out of a class of 500, and the day before I graduated as I stood in line to get my cap and gown, the librarian handed me this as well.

This quote of Lincoln’s was the theme for the class of 13, and as such, it’s the quote I based my speech on. In between quoting Dumbledore and my wacky physics teacher, I took the graduating message to heart and tried to articulate it as earnestly as an 18-year-old could.

I’m proud of the message I shared with my class of 500 and the 2,000 spectators that day. Even though religion was still a huge area of trepidation for me back then, my heart was in the right place as I told everyone that nothing counts in life but your own happiness and satisfaction.

Two years later I’m walking like I’m talking.



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