A Mug with a Mission!

Specs: This is a mug round enough to demand both hands. The white porcelain is lined with a mossy green and decorated all round with flowers and butterflies in warm, earthy colors (making me reminiscent of a grandma couch), lending a comfortable, homey feel. Inside, it is deep enough to hold a sponge and a bristly dish wand.

Rating: This mug never actually delivering liquid refreshment to a person’s lips, I feel the highest I can rate it, as a coffee mug, is 4/5 stars. I dig it heartily, and it’s a wonderful size.

Summary: I believe this mug was a replacement Mother’s Day gift my four-year-old brother picked out himself a year ago–and I call it a replacement because the first one he got her was promptly dropped and broken. My brother has a simple strategy when it comes to picking out gifts: He walks into the store and picks the first pretty thing he sees. There’s no dissuading this kid.

This mug found its calling in life as the family’s dish-tools holder. I can’t call this a shame–I’m the only hot-beverage drinker in the house, and having a place to put the sponge certainly keeps the lip of the sink cleaner. It also lends the room a sense of charm, which any place piled high with dishes could use.


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