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Open Mic 9/10

Someone reviewed my poetry! 😀

Helicon West

First off, thanks to everyone who read. Most people who do probably land somewhere on a scale from denial-of-nerves to repressed terror. Everyone on this video is worth watching, every single one of them, and I picked two people out of an amazing group to discuss how wonderful their creations are.

Brittany McDonald’s poem starts at 3:45. It’s called “In Response to My Dog Having Cancer, I Light a Cigarette.” That title deserves applause by itself and it perfectly sets off the rest of the piece. It’s exposition, mood, brilliant word choice, like a mini-poem of the poem itself. And her first line carries such weight: “Cremation is the endgame of the universe.” That is so punchy. The whole work has this quiet fogginess. It’s sad, but more than sad; it’s poignant, but more than that too. There’s despair, but that’s not all. The details that Brittany chose give off an ambiance…

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