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Pretty in Petals

I’m lame at titles, I know.

Specs: This average-sized mug has a slightly wider circumference at the top than at the bottom. The handle fits all four fingers if you hold onto the actual handle, as opposed to the handle being a resting place for the back of your knuckles. The outside of the mug features my favorite floral thing (flowers) in flat-er shades of pink, brown, green, and orange. It makes me reminiscent of a living room from the 70s.

Rating: 4/5 stars. It offers great depth as well as flowers. Flowers. Did I mention I love flowers?

Summary: This was another 50 cent thrift store treasure. It’s healthy to be suspicious of second-hand dinnerware, and I usually am. Occasionally some (clean) thing will just reach out and give my heart a squeeze, though. And following your heart (at such a cheap price) is always going to be worth the try.



Specs: This darling-ly decorated mug is wide open for all of your caffeinated needs. The outside is painted with gentle swirls, dots, and flowers, all with a linear texture so as to appear to be painted on. The handle juts out far enough to give 2-3 fingers comfortable distance from the hot mug.

Rating: 5/5 stars. Easily. It’s huge without being jumbo, it’s adorable, it’s got flowers on it.

Summary: I have a list of my top five favorite things in life. Among fat babies, fat puppies, old people, and cheese, flowers is undoubtedly one of them (it should be noted here that there is no hierarchy among the five). Flowers are just one of those things that gets me buzzing inside, that I absolutely have to see and touch and feel and therefore make a part of me (it should also be noted that this procedure usually is flower-specific regarding the five).

I am a firm believer that everyone should have a top five. What would be your life without the little things.