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Northwest Funk

Specs: This is a crazy mug, straight from a beautifully crazy place. Taller than it is wide, this mug gives you an average mug’s worth. Aside from being plastered with memorabilia/landmarks from the great city of Portland (OR), it is also textured with wavy bumps all the way around. The handle fits all four of my little fingers and features a bright orange star, which I like to press my thumb on to feel special.

Mug 20b

The best surprise from this surprising mug, however, is the little bird waiting for you with a rose at the very bottom.

Mug 20c

Rating: 5/5 stars. Easy. Maybe I just REALLY like mugs, but this was totally worth $15.95 (at least there was no sales tax!).

Summary: This mug is my meager explanation as to why I took a short hiatus from blogging–I was on a MUCH needed vacation! I got to meet my boyfriend’s family, read poetry in the woods, eat cheese on a rainy beach, visit a full moon celebration at a hippy tea shop, and explore the overcast city of Portland.

This being my first time in the Northwest, I was gasping over more than how green the very freeway was. The people are crazy, but in a nice, in-your-face kind of way, such  as the lady with frizzy gray hair who “fined” me for “smiling in a no-smiling zone” in an effort to raise money to feed the homeless.

Portland is filled with shiny bricks–that is, bricks literally painted over with sparkles.


And expensive cat pillows.


One of my favorite parts, though, was the giant bookstore called Powell’s Books. That’s where I bought this mug–along with a hundred dollar’s worth of used books, haha.

It’s too good to get out of Utah sometimes.